Who is Carve Africa Media?

Carve Africa is a multi-faceted media and digital creative agency that specializes in conceptualizing cutting edge digital brand building solutions and driving talkability through the media platform in the form of a website, social media and a developing radio platform.

The Carve Categories 

Weekly feature articles highlighting musicians that are impactful in the music industry. This feature also unpacks all music related content that informs emerging musicians of ways in developing their music craft and abilities.

The Groove Guide is an insider to the coolest events happening in and around Africa. Every event that the Carve audience is attracted to is intensely unpacked starting from the day this major event is announced. Carve also uses the #GrooveGuide category to assist emerging artists to showcase their upcoming events in the art and entertainment industry ranging from art exhibitions, live installations, listening sessions, beauty events etc.

All the latest updates from all the Carve categories come straight through #TheDrop. The hashtag filters out all the daily incoming fresh content. Every announcement, daily update, latest news in the creative industry is part of #TheDrop, including latest album or single release, most recent art showcase & freshest clothing.

The beauty and cosmetic industry in SA is fast changing and ever growing, Carve Africa aims to highlight and showcase the artistic careers and innovative concepts of this industry

We highlight the coolest food trends and restaurants, profiling food outlets of young emerging tastemakers in the culinary industry. This category is all about the body and how it’s affected by food and fitness, this segments emphasizes the importance of wellness and nutrition. 

Carve will feature all the trending stories and profiles of individuals who enhance and endorse the health benefits of this particular segment.

This category showcases all the content of emerging artists in the creative industry. Profile features and latest news of art, theatre productions, dance, comedy and all performance art elements of this industry. This category showcases and highlights the beautiful landscapes and tourist destinations of the continent.  The storytelling of culture, heritage and Influence of art is at the core of this category.

This category also explores new businesses and travel culture by young entrepreneurs in this sector.

In this category we focus on the ever-growing film industry; carve cine celebrates all the creative minds who contribute to tell the stories of the African continent. This segment highlights those who are on and off the screen through in-depth profile features that expand on all the creative careers of this industry and the pivotal roles that they all possess.

The ever-evolving fashion cycle needs someone to keep an eye on it. Here at Carve Africa we have all the trendiest news of this industry to ensure that everyone stays in the loop and remains fashion forward. Africa has its own unique tapestry which celebrates the cultures and ethnicity of this eclectic continent. Our objective with this segment is to profile all the designers, fashionistas, models and all the creatives involved in this growth of this industry.

Carve Africa Digital Agency 

DIGITAL AGENCY SERVICES  (All the rates for the services are upon request)

  • Public Relations (media liaison and media relations)
  • Graphic Design, Website management and editorial services
  • Digital and Social Media Management
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Event Management


  • Press Release
  • Radio Plugging
  • Media liaising
  • Press release syndication
  • Concept strategy
  • Press/media briefings
  • Reporting


  • Corporate ID
  • Logo creation
  • Brand strategy
  • Layouts
  • Website designs and development


  • Research
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media account design
  • Ad development
  • Content plan
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content production
  • Content management
  • Website 


  • Live event video production
  • Live event photography production
  • Live streaming
  • Podcast production
  • Content production
  • Content management
  • Video production
  • Photography


  • Media invite design
  • Media/guest invite dissemination
  • RSVP management
  • Media briefing
  • Guest speaker sourcing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Media interviews
  • Live social media activity
  • Event coverage report