In 2023, as we mark the arrival of a new era for the brand, adidas Originals pays homage to those who have continued to transport its iconic signifier, the Trefoil, to the forefront of culture. This comes following the successful global launch of “We Gave the World an Original,” which celebrates three adidas original silhouettes and the iconic Trefoil logo – a symbol that has thrived for over 50 years, gracing the feet of athletes and cultural pioneers alike

Locally, the campaign features actress Ama Qamata, media personality & fashion influencer Pamela Mtanga and the talented Gqom producer, DJ & fashion powerhouse  Que DJ “We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back” celebrate the new chapter of the iconic Trefoil.

Headlined by three films, and a selection of stills arranged in triptychs, each focusing on three timeless silhouettes from the storied Three Stripes archive – the Superstar, the Gazelle, and the Samba. The narratives of the Trefoil’s history are interwoven with the ways in which these iconic styles, born in sport, have been embraced, reinterpreted, and absorbed into culture – time and time again.

The first iconic Trefoil is the adidas Original Superstar, built for basketball, but adopted by Hip Hop, the classic leather Superstar changed the game the moment it stepped off the court and now its premium construction and timeless silhouette make it a ubiquitous icon. Speaking on the campaign, Blood & Water star, Ama Qamata explained what it means to be Original

“Being Original means having confidence and the boldness to be yourself, knowing who you are and where you come from. I have always been intentional with my life and know what I wanted to do, that has set a path for me of where I wanted to go. I see Africa growing in our industry and I want to be part of that contribution of making it better.” Said Ama.

Racing from podiums to skate parks around the world, though the Gazelle started as a trainer, its lightweight classic suede upper and gum sole have become symbolic of those who are willing to veer off-track in the pursuit of innovation. The talented Gqom producer and DJ performer Que DJ explains what Original means in his musical world.

“To me Original means bold, forward, stylish and iGhost (the best). What makes me Original is my unique artistic approach and creative way of making music, nostalgia plays a huge part in the music that I play. Growing up in KwaMashu, from end-of-school term parties to having cyphers. I dive into a lot of my experiences, emotions. I get to get on those stages and tell my story and form that is a complete sense of freedom, freedom of chance, freedom of movements, freedom of body and soul makes everything worthwhile and the art alive.” Said Que DJ

Rounding out the trio is the Samba. First making headlines in soccer, the shoe’s low-profile silhouette and gum sole have since become synonymous with subverting trends across the Fashionista and award-winning multimedia entrepreneur, Pamela elaborates what it means being enough for yourself and Original.

“People who are not comfortable enough with themselves often say things like you are inadequate, you are imperfect and stylish. You have to cut all the noise and find your voice in the mist of all the craziness. Being Original means showing up as yourself every single day and saying I have something special in me, the world has to see and experience it. Take a moment and celebrate yourself.” Said Pamela.

Three Stripes. Three signature icons. Three films. A thousand Originals. The triptych stills campaign features local South African partners, talent, collaborators, and friends of the brand that have helped to tell the story of the Trefoil.

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