Critically acclaimed producer, Junior Taurus, returns with his  4 track EP ‘Until September’ available on all digital platforms. Listen Here.

The EP title ‘Until September’ is part of  the DJ memoirs, a musical recollection of his work, in anticipation of his upcoming album that will drop in September. “I’ve been working on some of the memoirs tracks for more than 10 years and are only coming to fruition now, ” adds the two-time SAMA Nominee.

Speaking about the EP Junior said; This EP is a build up to an important album that I have been working on for over ten  years. It sums up the historical music account of everything  I have ever done musically. The EP and the upcoming project will showcase my growth, where I started and the influences I have ever had. This album will embody the past ten  years of my musical career.’

Junior Taurus has produced many hits for South African artists, taking house music, most recently Amapiano, to new heights. He recently flipped the script from working on Amapiano to producing hits for newcomers, Venom X Shishiliza, on their Single ‘Sho Boy’ . The producer has been instrumental in producing  some of DJ sumbody’s hits, most notable ‘Monate Mpolaye’ and continues to work with upcoming talent.

Speaking about collaborations he shared: “Working with vocalists is imperative as they are the last instrument to any song I do. The are so many elements in a song, vocalists are part of that element. It’s important for me to work with vocalist who understand what I am trying to do.”

On what we can look forward to from the album dropping in September , the producer shared; I worked with amazing musicians, the album is very musical. Its something a lot of people have never had and cannot be replicated. These days in music I feel like we  are always chasing a sound and dropping music at a fast paced. This time I am doing things differently and with more musical album. The ‘Until September EP’ is a teaser of what’s to come before the album.“

 Listen to Until September HERE

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