Multi-hyphenate award-winning Namibian musician, fashion influencer, medical doctor and emPawa Africa artist, Lioness, breaks the language boundaries with a nostalgic blend of wit and wordplay and rhythm with her latest EP, Dance and Dance.


  1. Bring Em Ova (Featuring Tamy Moyo)
  2. Risky (Featuring J.Derobie)
  3. Linyenga (Featuring Falz)
  4. Danisa (Dance)
  5. Gratitude (Featuring Page from Ethnix)


Boasting skillful craftsmanship that merges kinetic and linguistic intelligence into a melting-pot of fever pitch tempos that consumes the listener, Lioness has captivated her audience with provocative subject matter delivered over groovy sonic overtones.

Stream or download Lioness’ Dance and Dance EP here:

Unpacking themes such as firm feminine and commanding energy, sexual dominance, taking romantic risks, emphasizing the universal, healing language of dance and reinforcing an artist’s free will to experiment with their music, each song more unique than the last in its narrative power makes for a holistic listening experience that charms both the mind and body.

Connect with Lioness online for more music news and update your choreography skills; It’s the season to dance the autumn/winter blues away.

Connect with Lioness:

Facebook: @lionessnam

Twitter: @lionessnam

Instagram: @lionessnam


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