Talented multimedia personality and entrepreneur Pamela Mtanga has rolled out the relaunch of her hair brand Honey Comb Hair with new and improved systems and a website. This relaunch comes just two months after Pamela first launched the brand.

“I feel like a proud mom at prize giving and her child is collecting all the awards,” she says. “In a short period of time, I realized the immense impact that influencers have on brand marketing. If we are able to do that for brands, why can’t we do it for our own products?”

She also explained that the initial response to Honey Comb took her by surprise and the sheer demand necessitated a relaunch. “I had to take a step back and build a sustainable system for the business to operate on in order to meet the growing demand. This includes hiring a workforce and migrating to a website to better manage the business.”

In the process of setting it up, she and her team went through a couple of hair websites and saw many similarities. Despite the similarities, she knew she had to do something different to stand out. One of the unique elements of this relaunch is the product shoot she did to showcase her sprawling range of wigs.

“When I started Honey Comb Hair I had promised myself that I would apply the same creative strategies I apply for my brand collaborations to my business and allow my personality to show through the business. And that is exactly what I did with the shoot. I am so excited to see it come to life and how it is so refreshing to see it on the website.”

Pamela’s rapid growth over the years has seen many people label her SA’s next big fashion and beauty personality. Despite this attention, she doesn’t feel any pressure and is instead focusing on improvement and elevation. “I see myself as a person who is walking her own path and I am not in competition with anybody but myself.”

“As my biggest competitor, I feel like I am constantly asking myself ‘What’s next?’ That keeps my flame burning and I enjoy it. At the same time, I have learnt to balance my need to rest and to feed my passion for work and seeing my projects come to life.”

As far as her vision for Honey Comb goes, she adds,I am taking it one step at a time. The next step is a salon space that provides premium hair and beauty services. Honey Comb is also a holding company so I plan to expand further than hair within the next 5 years.”

Follow Pamela Mtanga and Honey Comb Hair on Instagram: @Pamela_Mtanga and @HoneyCombHairSA

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