Coming from a list of hit singles, Nana Atta set up the arrival of her new project, with a huge sound that is to change how the perspectives African Music. The super lyricist provided us with a sample of Emakhosini with the release of Libalele prior in the month.

The SAMA award winner gives us her first offering under the association with Mayonie Productions and Universal Music Group, titled Emakhosini. Emakhosini means ‘The Place of Royal” as she avows her development artistically and setting herself at the highest quality.

The 5-Track EP gives you understanding on the kind and the nature of songstress Nana Atta truly is. On Emakhosini, you can plainly hear, by the sounds, what her identity was motivated by and to the level she introduces herself. She brings forth another variant of Afro House and clears a path in which will be common prestigious.

Hit maker Nana Atta, finds herself at the forefront as one of the leading vocalists of a much-revived genre that is changing the world. After smash hits alongside single Zakes Bantwini and Karyendasoul went platinum, she has caught the interests of music giants. Nana Atta distinguishes herself with her ability to penetrate international and local markets. She is quickly gaining much success and becoming a household name.

Nana Atta separates herself with her capacity to enter global and neighborhood markets. She is rapidly acquiring a lot of progress and turning into an easily recognized name. With solid expectation on sharpening her unique style inside the consistently developing music industry, the multi-talented Nana Atta steers on the ball by presentations of her flexibility as well as embracing her numerous gifts as a songsmith, entertainer, and all-round performing craftsman. Demonstrating that she is downright a visionary and a certain, must-see talent.

The sounds on Emakhosini are vigorously motivated by African components and instruments. Jumping profound into the underlying foundations of African ancestry. Nana Atta’s covering vocals and lucid verses take you on an excursion through the African scenes.

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