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Idols SA 16 alumni, Ndoni formally introduced herself with her debut single, Mphinde Mshaye earlier in the year. Distinguishable by her raspy low register. The up-tempo Afro-pop single is the musician’s assertion that her musical journey is blessed by legends of the past including Brenda Fassie, Lebo Mathosa and Busi Mhlongo. Mphinde Mshaye is not only an assertion of her path being blessed but a foreshadowing of what she envisions her future in music as.

Continuing the promotional journey of her debut into the mainstream, Ndoni marks her debut music video with visuals of radio charting anthem. Directed by Nicom Nzuza, the music video envisions the top five Idols SA 16 contestants as a regal and royal. Set in two worlds, the music video begins with an exterior location shoot which sets the mood of the music video.

Thereafter in leads the viewer into the regal and royal world where Ndoni sits on the throne as the next music legend to be introduced to the mainstream. Filled with bright and vibrancy. The music video is affirmation that besides her unique voice, the soulful; musician is also a performer as she actively leads the dance routine towards the tail end of the music video.

The single is available across all DSP. Click here.

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