Nomfundo Moh’s blessings have been endless, after receiving a total of 7 plaques for her first album Amagama, and many more achievements across the world, she continues to show off. The super songstress drops visuals for her latest single Izibusiso, which is part of Amagama Deluxe to usher us into the last season of the year. To show our gratitude to the year that has been.

Amagama debut album, adds on deluxe with another five tracks, with Izibusiso as one of them. Nomfundo Moh, sequels from the Amagama Album. Izibusiso clarifies a request of blessings and showing gratitude to the beloved ones. It’s about taking care of each other in the midst of any type of situation faced.

Nomfundo Moh releases the visuals for her latest single of her deluxe album Izibusiso. This new music video, which is to be released today, comes at a time where the songstress is celebrates completing her degree, a billboard in Times-Square in New York and receive a total of 7 plaques for the album. She reflects on what has been and how she has been able to not only bless herself but empower her loved ones and community.

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