SlikourOnLife, the renowned South African Hip Hop and culture magazine turned content and influencer agency, is thrilled to now be offering fintech solutions dedicated to empowering the country’s creative community. With a focus on artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and creative enthusiasts with a passion for supporting the culture, SlikourOnLife will provide innovative financial solutions and tools to nurture these creators’ careers.

SlikourOnLife introduces two cutting-edge platforms: SOLDistro and SOLWallet. SOLDistro, an online music distribution platform, enables artists to effortlessly release their songs on all major streaming platforms and stores, with unlimited free music uploads. While also introducing an artist investment fund overseen by Prowess, a fund management company managing over 10 billion rands of investor money.This platform also offers promotional and financial tools to help artists build their careers while taking only a modest royalty fee.

Complementing SOLDistro is SOLWallet, an advanced transaction platform tailored to the needs of African creatives. Artists using international DIY distribution platforms who get paid their royalties through  global  fintech companies normally decide to forfeit their fees because of the tedious process to be onboarded that aren’t built to accommodate the locals. On the SOL Wallet users can add their bank cards, request a SOL Wallet virtual Mastercard with 0 transaction fees on POS platforms, facilitating secure sending and receiving of mobile payments.

Members will also enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts, with plans to provide creator loans against PO’s and royalties for creatives working with agencies  or musicians with a revenue track record from their streams in the near future.

SlikourOnLife will also unveil ‘BlackChain’, a creator B2B marketplace connecting businesses with talented creative freelancers that have been quality checked by procurement and production teams of SA most established agencies. This platform will streamline the process of finding professional suppliers while promoting the work of creative individuals.

Celebrating this significant milestone, Siya Metane, the CEO of SlikourOnLife, expressed his vision, “Our goal has always been to create an ecosystem that centres around the needs of creators and their consumers. The SOL journey was born out of a desire to empower creators of all kinds by providing them with not just the tools to refine their craft, but also the necessary resources to navigate the business side of the creative industry, reach their audiences and ultimately leave behind a lasting legacy for future generations.”

SlikourOnLife invites all creators and creatives, young or young at heart, to embark on this transformative journey. By harnessing the power of technology, finance, and creativity, SlikourOnLife is revolutionizing the landscape for South African creatives, empowering them to realize their dreams and shape a brighter future.

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